MOT Test

MOTs are a legal requirement in the UK. Currently, vehicles aged three years or over must be tested each year. We know how much your Audi means to you, so have it assessed at an Audi Centre by the people who know it best.

Complimentary MOT Protection*

Opt to have your MOT carried out at Highland Audi and you can benefit from an MOT test for £54.85 plus free MOT Protection.

MOT Protection covers you for up to £750 (inc. VAT) against a wide range of repairs if your Audi fails its MOT tst..

Prepare for your MOT

Many vehicles fail their MOT each year on simple things like faulty bulbs, illegal tyre tread or even empty windscreen washer fluid bottles. A few quick and easy visual checks can help your Audi pass its MOT – saving you time and money.

Learn more about preparing for your MOT.

*Applicable to the next MOT if the MOT protection policy is set up less than three months prior to MOT test becoming legally due. If the MOT protection policy is set up three months prior to MOT becoming legally due then the cover is applicable to that MOT. You can also read the Terms and conditions.

Audi MOT test at Highland Audi, Inverness