Audi Finance

Whether your Audi is for private use or business use, there are a number of options available. Our finance specialist, Norman Nelson, is available to offer advice and provide you with a finance option suited to your particular requirements.

​Buying an Audi for personal use:

There are two options if you’re buying your car for personal use:


A flexible product that lets you get a higher specification model or reduce your outgoings.

You defer the repayment of a portion of the car's current value until the end of the agreement, so that your repayments are lower than the comparable hire purchase option. Your regular repayments are also fixed.

If your circumstances change, Solutions gives you flexibility in the future.

Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase works slightly differently. You simply put down a deposit and the remaining balance is divided equally

over the of the loan.

Hire Purchase is ideal if you want eventual ownership of the car.

Buying an Audi for individual use:

Contract Hire plan

If you’re interested in hiring your Audi for business use, then our Contract Hire plan may be perfect for you.

Audi Contract Hire makes hiring easy. There are no complicated forms to fill in or number crunching to do. All it requires is an initial deposit then fixed monthly payments. We will also handle all vehicle maintenance, and at very competitive rates.

If you require any more information, please call us on 01463 232255 or submit an enquiry.

Additional finance products and offers

We offer a range of additional financial products and offers to make the purchase and ownership of your Audi as pleasurable as possible:

  • Audi Insurance – precision insurance designed especially for Audi drivers
  • Audi Complete – a servicing and maintenance offering comprehensive care for your Audi
  • Roadside Assistance – keeping your Audi on the road with complimentary RAC assistance
  • Audi Warranty – discover more about the range of warranties Audi provide