Demonstrator Clearance

There are fantastic savings on new list price for these '67' plate demonstrators with low mileage.

To arrange your test drive or a part exchange valuation, please click above or call 01463 232255.

Model A1 S line
Engine 1.4 TFSI 150PS
Colour Misano red
Extras Standard car
List price£22,295
Our price£19,985

ModelA1 Black Edition
Engine1.4 TFSI 150PS S tronic
ColourFloret silver
Extras18" alloys & tech pack
List price£25,605
Our price£20,985

ModelA4 Sport
Engine1.4 TFSI 150PS
ColourMatador Red
Extras18" alloys & tech pack
List price£29,660
Our price£23,985
ModelA4 Avant S line
Engine1.4 TFSI 150PS
ColourBrilliant Black
ExtrasStandard car
List price£31,905
Our price£25,985

ModelA5 Coupe S line
Engine2.0 TDI ultra 190PS
ColourGlacier white
ExtrasPrivacy glass
List price£40,030
Our orice£31,485
ModelA6 S Line
Engine2.0 TDI ultra 190PS
ColourGlacier white
ExtrasTechnology pack
List price£38,555
Our price£28,985

ModelA6 Avant Black Edition - SOLD
Engine2.0 TDI quattro 190PS
ColourTornado grey
ExtrasElec folding mirrors
List price£44,200
Our price£31,985
ModelQ2 SE
Engine1.0 TFSI 116PS
ColourBrilliant black
ExtrasStandard car
List price£21,515
Our price£18,985

ModelQ2 Sport
Engine1.4 TFSI 150PS
ColourCrystal ara blue
ExtrasStandard car
List price£29,135
Our price£26,485

ModelQ2 S line
Engine1.4 TFSI 150PS
ColourTango red
ExtrasStandard car
List price£27,715
Our price£25,285

ModelQ2 S line
Engine 1.4 TFSI 150PS S tronic
Colour Mythos black
Extras Standard car
List price £30,090
Our price £26,985
Save £3,405
ModelQ3 Sport - SOLD
Engine2.0 TDI 150PS S tronic
ColourHainan blue
Extras17" alloys & heated seats
List price£33,030
Our price£27,985
ModelQ5 Sport
Engine2.0 TFSI 252PS S tronic
ColourFlorent silver
ExtrasStandard car
List price£41,165
Our price£36,485

ModelQ5 Sport
Engine2.0 TDi 190PS S tronic
ColourMythos black
ExtrasVirtual cockpit & technology pack
List price£41,870
Our price£36,985

​Model ​Q5 S line
Engine​2.0 TFSI 252PS S tronic
​Colour​Mythos black
​Extras​Elec folding mirrors
​List price​£40,035
​Our price​£37,985

ModelQ5 S line - SOLD
Engine2.0 TFSI 252PS S tronic
ColourManhattan grey
Extras20" alloys, comfort & sound pack
List price£45,230
Our price£39,985
ModelQ7 S line
Engine3.0 TDI 272PS tiptronic
ColourSepang blue
ExtrasStandard car
List price£60,565
Our price£49,985

All information correct at time of publication. Prices and offers subject to change/withdrawal without notice. Savings based on new list price including paint and extra options where appilcable. All cars are currently registered to Highland Audi, the buyer will be the second registered owner.