Satellite Navigation Update

Avoid new road layouts driving you around the bend.

Your navigation system makes driving your Volkswagen even more enjoyable. But it’s important to make sure it’s regularly updated so you don’t find yourself, well, losing yourself from time to time. The fact is that routes, points of interest, service stations and all sorts of travel related details are constantly changing. We can keep you driving with total confidence by updating your system with the very latest information – saving you time and fuel for a stress free journey.

Contact your Service Advisor at Hawco for a satellite navigation update today. You can call your nearest Hawco branch or use the contact form on this page.

Stay confident

No one enjoys getting lost or having to ask for directions. Enjoy peace of mind when you need it most by keeping your GPS system performing at its best.

Save time

Your navigation system is designed to give you the most efficient routes possible. Keeping it up-to-date means you’ll always have the best advantage on the road.

Save fuel

Having access to the most direct routes is a sure way to be more fuel efficient on the road. Getting lost can waste time and add unnecessary costs to your journey.

Environmentally friendly

We know you love being in your car, but driving fewer miles means you can seriously reduce you CO2 emissions, doing your bit for the environment.

Your best friend on the road

Never have a worry on the road again. An up-to-date system means you can confidently tackle any road closures or guide yourself safely to the nearest garage if you’re running low on fuel.

Maintain performance

Knowledge on the road is everything. With thousands of new routes and addresses being added every year, your navigation system is the key to always remaining one step ahead.